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Finsoft has an extensive offshore software development infrastructure in multiple locations India. These Offshore Development Centers (“ODC”) are designed to take advantage of the high productivity and scalability, as well as the relatively low cost and high quality of software development in India. The centers have robust networks, high-speed Internet connectivity, and latest software and hardware infrastructure.

The hybrid onsite-offshore development model methodology consists of the following phases:






















Business Process Outsourcing / Project Services


To enable clients to achieve their strategic business objectives, Finsoft designs and develops flexible, scalable software solutions, using a proven methodology, detailed processes and industry-standard development techniques and tools. Leading-edge applications can be designed, implemented and re-engineered for mainframe, client/server and Internet environments. Finsoft has been continuously building expertise in Web Services using .NET and Java Technologies to apply to Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business to Business Integration (B2Bi) and Business Process Management (BPM).


Project Scoping


This phase comprises the activities that define the scope of the project, doing high-level project estimates and risk analysis. This is carried out at the client site with active involvement of the client.


Requirements Analysis


This phase covers activities directed towards the development of software requirements. The existing system is evaluated. Deficiencies are identified. This is done by interviewing users of the system and consulting with support personnel. Then user requirements are arrived based on discussions with users. This is also carried out on the client site.




Design starts with defining the high-level design objectives for the proposed system. The components constituting the software system are identified. The system architecture is defined and the designs of the database and/or the file systems to be adopted are completed. Techniques such as data modeling, process modeling, object modeling and prototyping may be used for tasks such as identifying alternative designs and defining user interfaces. This is carried out at the ODC center with constant communication with the client site.


Development and Unit Testing


Development transforms the detailed design representation of a software product into program source codes. This phase produces the source code, database, files and the documentation constituting the physical manifestation of the design. In addition, the code and the database/files are integrated. This is done at the ODC.


System Testing


System testing focuses on a complete integrated system to evaluate compliance with specified requirements. This is also done at the ODC.


Acceptance Testing


Based on the pre-defined acceptance criteria, Client conducts the acceptance test during this phase. The Project team provides support, if required. As part of preparation for acceptance testing installation testing is also carried out. This test is to determine how well and how easily a product installs onto a variety of platform configurations: This activity is normally carried out onsite at client work area.




This is the last stage of the project. Users are trained to us the new system and feedback is encouraged. This is also carried out at the Client Work Area.


Maintenance & Support


This is an on-going activity and can take place either at the client area or at the ODCs depending on the nature of the agreement. When done at our ODCs, updates/releases/patches are sent to the client at agreed intervals for implementation.

The Offshore methodology offers a distinct competitive advantage and has the following benefits:

  • Quick access to skills that are otherwise difficult to obtain from the market

  • Effectively scaling/de-scaling resources to manage work load

  • Provides benefits of Finsoft’s established and proven IT practices

  • Reduce risk of project overruns, occurring due to attrition and shortage of skilled persons

  • Free in-house resources for new opportunities and work in mission-critical areas

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